Monti Rey Cattery



Conditions for the transfer of rights to the breeding use of animals:

These provisions are due to the high breeding value of the animal.

The Agreement on the transfer of breeding rights to an animal from the "Monti Rey" cattery contains the terms of the Agreement on the transfer of the exclusive right to use a breeding animal, which, in accordance with Article 6 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Analogy), is governed by Article 7 of the Federal Law "On Livestock". The use of tribal products (materials) as an object of exclusive rights (intellectual property) is allowed in the manner prescribed by law.
The owner receives the right to breed an animal from the "Monti Rey" cattery with the restrictions stipulated by the terms of this agreement listed in clauses: 1-7. Upon termination of the breeding work and after submitting the photo of sterilization / castration to the "Monti Rey" cattery by mail:, the animal becomes the OWNER'S FULL PROPERTY, and this transfer of the rights to reproduce is terminated. The transfer of the rights to reproduce to an animal from the cattery "Monti Rey" is not intended for commercial gain breeder for breeding is the further breeding work of the above animal in the Owner's cattery.

Violation of any of the restrictions stipulated by the terms of the agreement (paragraphs: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) violates the breeder's rights and damages the cattery "Monti Rey".

1. This male / female - is transferred to the Owner for breeding work in a private nursery, exclusively for personal use. The owner undertakes NOT to open a cat from the cattery "Monti Rey" for general use and not to breed other cats from third-party kennels.

2. The Owner agrees to knit this ( male / female ) only with those ( males / females ) that directly belong to him (acquired and owned by the Owner or born in the Owner’s cattery and owned by the Owner).

3. The owner undertakes not to sell kittens from the manufacturer to Russia, Ukraine and all former Soviet republics for breeding work from the manufacturer "Monti Rey". Castres can be sold (castration / sterilization operations performed by the Owner before transferring the kitten to a new buyer) as pets in any region without restriction.

4. The owner understands and agrees that the rights to breeding work can not be transferred to third parties !!! The owner undertakes to castrate / sterilize the producer, obtained in the cattery "Monti Rey" after the end of breeding.
Photos castration provided by e-mail:
Then he must find him the best home where the animal will receive care. Or keep it at home

5. In case of failure to comply with any clause of the above conditions, the Owner agrees to return this animal to the breeder of the Monti Rey kennel free of charge no later than one month after the violation was discovered in at least one of the conditions (paragraphs 1 - 7) using a breeding animal from the cattery Monti Rey

6. Having received a breeding animal from the cattery "Monti Rey", the Owner confirms that he understands, agrees and accepts all the terms of this Agreement.